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( Based in Greece )

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I’m a web and graphic designer from Greece who likes to understand people, solve problems, and craft meaningful and delightful experiences.

I enjoy working with companies and in addition with enthusiastic people who want to solve problems through beautiful design and experiences.

I love creating digital solutions to simplify people’s everyday lives, make them more exciting and help them achieve their goals. In addition, each project is an opportuinity to learn new concepts across multiple domains including arts, maths and physics.


Your brand's online presence is essential, and your website's quality impacts sales. Your target audience with a custom-made website design built with top-of-the-line functionality designed to increase your brand's value and conversion.

Selected Projects


Creating a consistent brand identity builds trust, attracts customers, radiates a clear message, and helps to navigate the industry strategically. Shape your brand's custom voice with a tailored brand identity created to fit your unique brand's vision.

Selected Projects


Increase your following and boost your sales. Elevate your social media presence with the right visuals by redefining your social media channels and attracting the right audience.

Selected Projects

Website / E-commerce | Responsive design | SEO

Tools: Figma | HTML & CSS | Javascript | WordPress | Joomla | Opencart | Prestashop | Wix | Squarespace

Logos | Banners | Posters | Flyers | Packaging | Business cards | Social Media post & cover design & more graphic projects - Print & Digital

Tools: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign

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